Black Diamond 3 Hole Grips Black

Bear KompleX

480 kr


Pullup grips gjorda i ett kolfibermaterial, extra slitstarka med ett grym grepp som gör att du inte behöver kalka dessa i samma utsträckning som andra modeller.

The Black Diamond Grips are the stickiest, tackiest, most grippy grips to ever be used for cross-training. Made from a synthetic material, the Black Diamond Grips are great for Powder Coated bars and are versatile for other gymnastic and weightlifting movements. Unlike most grips on the market, Black Diamond Grips do not need chalk to stick to the bar. In fact, don’t be surprised when they hardly even hold chalk if you were to try. That’s part of the magic of the Black Diamond Grips. Available only with 3 holes, the Black Diamond Grips come in Small thru Extra Large. With a reinforced neoprene layer on the wrist strap for increased comfort,